Ultimate Cycle Bounces Back, Relaunches Website

ultimate cycler

ULTIMATE Cycle, another ponzi schemes which website was down some weeks ago has been re-opened.

The founder, Peter Wolfing, confirmed ‘the return’ on Saturday on his Facebook, saying, “We are excited to inform you that we have completed our site transfer and our calibrations. Over the next 12 hours we are finalizing our settings as we are now power boosted with two servers and special settings that will enable us to surpass any company in the industry with our capacity.

“Don’t be alarmed during this time as our team has been working around the clock, happy they are in the final stages (over the next 12 hour) of the power boost Ingrid server settings.

“For the next 5 days we will be syncing and doing things but I will give you a daily video update so that you too can participate in the exciting milestone for Ultimate Cycler.

“We have broken every record in the industry for new members and growth in a 30-day period, and in most cases more than most companies grow in 10 years.

“Now we want to push forward and be a part of the new records that includes the number of people who we help to become financially free.

“Together we can work to ensure that 2017 will be your year as we work to make this happen as a team.”

Ultimate Cycler is a ponzi scheme were people with the aim of make money by registering with N12,500 and within 3 days get N50,000 in return.



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