Retraction Of Wrong Story On The Gambia President-Elect

Adama Barrow
Adama Barrow

THE fake story of the assassination of the President-elect of The Gambia, Adama Barrow,  published on January 4, 2016, should not have been published.

In the story, we wrongly reported the assassination of Adama Barrow, quoting an online news medium,, which reported that “Barrow has been killed by unknown assailants.”

And immediately we checked the twitter handle (@adama_barrow) of Adama Barrow and read his reaction to the fake news about his assassination, we updated the story to inform our readers that Adama Barrow is alive and well. Read the story here.

A complaint about the report got to us by a company we sell its affiliate on our site. And we have since deleted the story from our website and our social media handles.

We regret spreading the fake news of the assassination of the President-Elect of The Gambia.

We did not willfully perpetuate the fake story, as we were NOT sponsored to dent the image of the President-elect nor insult the good people of The Gambia; and we are NOT an agent or tool of propaganda to ANY political party any where in the world.

We regret the insult the story might have had on the personality of Adama Barrow, his party, supporters, and the people of The Gambia.




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