BigBrotherNaija: Fans React Ro #Kemen’s Preclusion Over Sexual Harassment

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TAKING after the preclusion of Kemen (Ekemini Ekerete), one of the housemates from the continuous Big Brother Naija unscripted television arrangement for rape, fans and watchers of the show on Monday took to online networking to share their perspectives on the issue.

Kemen, a health specialist was precluded from the #BBNaija for sexually bugging another housemate, Tboss.

As indicated by Ekan Damie, a watcher “interestingly, I really chose to watch on YouTube to perceive what justified expulsion since I know corrupt acts have dependably been supported in the show before now.

“I thoroughly observe nothing incorrectly in what Kemen did in view of the estimations of the show.

“On the off chance that they permit inverse sex to crawl into or share bed, I see no motivation behind why touching is impractical. other than the woman being referred to neither advised him or griped to huge sibling in any journal area.

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“What’s more, for those scrutinizing my profound quality, we are discussing an unethical show here not extend distinction or extreme inquiry,

“So every one of you taking session kemen being shameless on huge sibling it would be ideal if you what else would he say he is to be? a business investigator?

“Hush implies assent if TBoss did not demonstrate her dismay in words or in real life, the ousting was a tremendous misinterpretation as d fellow put it, “he said.

Another huge sibling fan, David Que said “It is currently evident to me that this world has truly turned out to be extremely wanton.

“How on planet earth can Payporte and BBA anticipate that any individual will have high ethics while affected by liquor.

“Many have wound up assaulting lady as a result of liquor, many get into battles, many express all the smothered sentiments that have been bolted up inside, some rest in drains and uncovered floors.

“Some can’t ask a lady out until they are inebriated. Given a similar open door most will pick distinctively on the off chance that they weren’t inebriated. BB naija is such a misuse of important time.

Femi Adelaja said; “The coordinators are a disfavor and are untrustworthy hatchlings. How might they be discussing ethics when they permit housemates rest together, where is the ethics there?

“Yes, Kemen was unpleasant, which I am absolutely against, yet in the event that Tboss had main problems with it, they would have quite recently settled it genially.

“In spite of the fact that I don’t care for Kemen, however this was sincerely unjustifiable to him. I mean they are grown-ups who can resolve this sort of thing agreeably, “another fan said.

Kemen touched TBoss while she was resting, bringing about shock from Big Brother Naija fans.

Disappointed with Kemen’s activity, “Biggie” proprietor of the #BBNaija house noticed that the move was not common, including that his activity was an encroachment of TBoss’ privilege.

Responding to Kemen’s activity, Payporte, an official backer of the truth appear, discharged an announcement via web-based networking media arrange, Instagram, denouncing the demonstration.

The announcement peruses: “an official explanation from Payporte on the occurrence amongst Kemen and TBoss:

“Hi everybody, in view of the previous evening’s recording of Kemen making sexual proceeds onward TBoss which started a vast shock, we will get a kick out of the chance to make our position known on this matter.

“Payporte is firmly against lewd behavior and corruption and we emphatically censure Kemen’s activities.

“We trust people whether under impact of liquor or being calm, ought to have hive ethics.

“We will make a conclusive move on this. We will refresh you in no time”. The announcement included.

Blended responses have trailed the removal of Kemen, who was sent far from the Big Brother Naija house, after he was found on tape petting Tboss without her assent.

The show which is facilitated by previous Big Brother contender, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, has seen five candidates (Soma, Miyonse, Cocoice, Ese and Jon) expelled from the house.

The show which will keep running for 11 weeks, is communicating live in 45 nations from Nigeria through East, West and Southern Africa on DStv on channel 198 and GOtv channel 29 day in and day out.

The future victor of the truth show, will go out with N25 million and a fresh out of the box new Kia Sorento auto.



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