Orile Igbon Youth Kick Against Emergence Of New Olugbon

Governor Abiola Ajimobi
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The Orile Igbon Concerned Youth on Sunday enjoined all the traditional institutions in the Yorubaland to wade in and rescue Orile Igbon from imminent chieftaincy clash.

According to the group, in a press statement, made available to newsmen in Ibadan signed by its Acting Chairman, Alabi Adebayo, and Secretary Olusola Ige, the selection of a new traditional ruler for the ancient town was “unjust, unfair and he without following due process.”

The youths alleged in the statement that the process which led to the emergence of the new Olugbon, Oba Francis Olusola Alao, was “a development, which negated the principle of fairness and tradition of the Yorubaland.

“Orile Igbon is an ancient community with historical relevance to the Yorubaland, and not a mere settlement. The issue of royalty must be handled with the utmost care. We are not on the same page with the government and those involved in the selection process and are pleased with the Olugbon family for instituting a legal action against unfair treatment.”

The Concerned Youths added that ”We are concerned about the growth and development of our community, and obviously, we want somebody that will continue where our late monarch stopped, but not a person whose emergence to the throne is against customs and traditions of our land. Anything contrary to due process is a taboo and we don’t want it.

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”We already know everyone who is eligible for the position and the one approved by the government is not one of them. The Royal family in Orile Igbon are just five and there has never been any public review of the ruling houses to accommodate another four to make it nine. So, where does the family of the imposed one by the government fit in for them to have produced the successor of Late Oba Samuel Adegboyega Osunbade?”

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The group, however, urged the general public to take all the Orile Igbon matters, especially land matters directly to the Olugbon royal Family only, saying, “how did the Local government headed by a caretaker become the lord and master of Kingship elections? Where is the law that allows the local government to select a first class Oba against the laid down traditions of the land?

”Does our Governor Ajimobi know about this? Was the Governor given the full details of what has now turned out to be a fraudulent show of shame? Our Governor Ajimobi has always been fair to the Olugbon and will never like to see the people of a whole town and dynasty as unhappy as we are today. We know our Governor hate lies and deception and we must let them know that a mistake has been made and it must be corrected immediately”

“The people of Orile Igbon are appealing to all traditional institutions in Yorubaland to wade in and rescue Orile Igbon from the hand of an impostor. This battle will serve as a point of reference for the future of Yoruba sacred traditions and culture. “

The Concerned Youths then urged the people of the community to remain “calm and remain resolute in their bid to ensure a rightful man who is related to the Olugbon family emerges as the Olugbon of Orile Igbon.”



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