REVEALED: CEO Of Homosexual Club, Chief Peter Lands In Trouble Over Desperation To See, Kill Ex-Lover

Chief Peters
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THE Chief Executive Officer of an homosexual club, Movida Club, Mr Peter has landed himself in trouble over an allegation bothering on desperation to find and kill his ex-lover who eloped.


According to an information provided to ReportersAtLarge, Mr Peter, sometimes in November 2015, fell in love with an homosexual man, Mr Eituamhen Augustine, who was a worker in his Club.

It was further learnt that along the line, Mr Peter invited him for a drink, got him drunk and made love with him, an action, which he was alleged to have wanted to engage in persistently.

In a statement, Mr Augustine who claimed to be an Homosexual, revealed that the desperation of Peter in demanding for another round of sex from him made him travel out of the country, adding that he liked to make love with him after the first encounter.

However, this scenario has become worst because Police officials got to know that Mr Peter was managing an Homosexual club which practically made him to be threatening Mr Augustine to deal with him.

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Ever since, Peter has been in search of Mr Augustine and, as a matter of fact, threatening to spend his last money to get him and claim his life.



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