New Appropriation Committee Chairman Counter-Accuses Jibrin

Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin
Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin

●Says Dogara Did Not Seize, Relocate Secretariat

●Journalists Met Secretariat Under Lock And Key

THE game of politics seems to continue unabated in the lower Chamber as the new Chairman of House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Hon. Mustapha Dawaki, has denied the shut down, seizure and relocation of the committee’s secretariat by Speaker Dogara, as alleged by Abdulmumin Jibrin.

The Chairman who assured that all the records, both soft and hard ware, as well as archival setup are intact and safe, appealed that such allegations should be totally disregarded.

Meanwhile, when journalists demanded to be taken to the Secretariat located within the House of Reps, it was under locks and keys, and heavily guarded by security agents.

Dawaki who briefed newsmen Saturday evening, in Abuja, in company of the Committee clerk, Hon. Able Ochigbo, had earlier admitted that the Committee secretariat  was intact, and has not been threatened in anyway, stating further that non of the Committee’s Staff member has been subjected to any form of threat, intimidation or harassment from any quarters.

However, the Committee Clerk who led newsmen to the office was denied access to the Secretariat  by one of the security agents who was seen pretending to be on phone for over 25 minutes, seeking clarifications from his boss whether or not to allow access.

He held the phone to his ear until journalists at the scene got pissed off and decided to leave.

The Clerk, Able Ochigbo, however still insisted that he used the office before coming for the press briefing and assured journalists that all was well.

Earlier at the briefing, Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Chris Azubogu, who was alleged by the sacked  chairman to have collected $20,000 along side 9 others, before briefing the press yesterday in defence of speaker Dogara, declined comments when asked.