Tragedy! Dogara Loses Outrider In Car Accident

Hon. Yakubu Dogara

TRAGEDY on Wednesday evening struck one of the outriders in the escort of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Salisu, who passed on subsequently of impact with an auto when Speaker’s caravan was heading home.

Salisu, a Sergeant in the Nigeria Police was steering the escort of the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, when the mishap happened along Aminu Shagari Way as an auto all of a sudden captured Salisu’s BMW motorbike at the intersection prompting to the SGF/DSS/Presidential Villa street, while on top speed.

It was assembled that Salisu, a father of four kids (young men) surrendered the phantom on the spot and his body was in this way saved in an undisclosed morgue.

As indicated by officers of the Police Force working in the National Assembly who wore bleak state of mind when the news of the mishap of their partner was broken to them said the late Sergeant lived in Dede Police Barracks, Abuja until the less than ideal and sad mischance happened.

Police sources said that late Salisu hailed from Okpokwu Local Government range of Benue State (Idoma by tribe) and was in the escort of the Speaker when he ( Dogara) went to Sheraton Hotel before on Wednesday morning to convey his comments at the withdraw sorted out the National Institute for Legislative Studies, NILS, for the spouses of the individuals from the House of Representatives.

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Endeavors made to affirm the report from the media group of the Speaker couldn’t yield any outcome as the media group was yet to react to request on the occurrence at the season of documenting this report.

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