Orile Igbon: Police Investigates Invasion Of Late Olugbon’s House

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POLICE in Zone 11 have began investigation into the unlawful invasion of one of the houses of the late Olugbon of Ile Igbon, Oba Saamuel Adegboyega Osunbade, in Ile Igbon.

Three perrors,  including the current monarch of the community, Oba Francis Olusola Alao, have been invited for questioning.

According to the petition, copy of which was also sent to the Inspector General of Police, apart from, the monarch, other respondents include, Idowu Okunlola, Alhaji Saka Oladimeji commissioned some criminals to burgle into the late Oba Adegboyega Osunbade’s uncompleted building at Orile Igbon and do substantially damage and irreparable defacement to same.”

The petition, signed by the family lawyer, Isiaka Ahmed Adigun of IH Adigun and Co, reads further that the building burgled into is one of the personal properties of the late Olugbon that was under construction before his demise and it was shocking to discover on 28th of may 2018 that some miscreants were found pulling down iron burglary frame of both windows and doors of the building.

“The boys could not be stopped as some of them were armed with offensive weapon, such as sledge hammers, saw machetes e.t.c but they were quick to disclosed that they were sent to carry out the dastardly and destructive felonious exercise by the respondent of the petition.”

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Prince Adesina, the first son of the late monarch have reported the case to the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Orile Igbon Division who promised mobilize his me to the site but failed to fulfill his promise to stop them

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Also on the 23rd May, the complainant commissioned Mr Ayefele to go and inspect the level of damages done to the building and report the case at the police for necessary action but Mr Ayefele was arrested and detains for several hours and the DPO later advised that the complainant take the matter to court .

“Sir , we also considered it apt to invite your attention to the fact that this is not the first time the respondents have forcefully entered into and damaged most of the legacies left behind by the late Olugbon for his family, However, it appear the respondents have become rather cosy with the police officer in Orile Igbon because they continue to carry out their criminal act and get away with them scot –free”

“ Our client is at the moment fed up and frustrated and they have concluded plans to take up cudgel to defend the estate of their patriarch if the police continue to fail to guarantee them requisite protection under the law. Our client is fed up with the reckless abandonment of security protection and the maintenance of law and Order at Orile Igbon particularly as it affect their right and right and plights”.



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