Dismissal Of forgery Case: I’m further vindicated — Senator Adeleke

Senator Adeleke Osun Rescue Mission
Senator Ademola Adeleke
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THE candidate of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in the last gubernatorial election in Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke has described the Supreme Court judgement exonerating and clearing him of all charges of certificate forgery as “a final vindication from months of tortuous persecution, blackmail and smear campaigns.”

A statement made available by the Spokesman of Adeleke Campaign Organisation, on Thursday, by Mr Rasheed Olawale indicated that “Adeleke has been receiving several messages of felicitations  from well-wishers from within and outside Osun state.”

Further reacting on the Supreme Court dismissal of the Appeal filed by the appellants against the Court of Appeal judgement that ruled in his favour establishing the fact that he did not forge any certificate nor did he make any false declarations, Adeleke said: “from the beginning of the case at Bwari High Court, Abuja, I had consistently told the public that the trial and jaundiced judgement of the Bwari court was a political witchhunt and an orchestrated campaign of calumny designed to stop my governorship aspiration.”

Speaking further, he said that: “The Court of Appeal had restored equity and justice when it robustly nullified the lower court’s ruling and affirmed that I never forged any certificate  as mischievously alleged by the APC and their PDP accomplices and erroneously concluded by the Bwari court judge despite glaring evidence and testimonies of WAEC and the principal of my Alma matta.

“The Appeal Court judgement directly indicted the lower court for ignoring two basic authorities that can confirm or disown school records. The School principal and a Deputy Director from the West African Examination Council testified with sworn affidavits confirming my educational filing and debunking allegation of certificate forgery.

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“My detractors were not satisfied with the exoneration and proceeded on their witchhunt to the apex court. I thank God and the judiciary for at least doing justice on this open case of false accusation.”

While thanking his supporters who supported him during those dark days, Adeleke said he remains a strong believer in the rule of law and democracy, noting that “despite all imperfections, democracy remains the best form of governance.”

However, two members of the APC; Wahab Adekunke and Adam Omosalewa from ward six of Ejigbo Local Government Area of Osun State, had secured a controversial black market judgement from a Bwari High Court on the suit alleging certificate forgery against Senator Adeleke.



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