WhatsApp Sues Israeli Firm For Hacking Journalists Phone

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THE end-to-end encrypted messaging platform, Whatsapp has filed a lawsuit against an Israeli technology firm, NSO Group with claims it sent malicious software to its users.

The affected users were estimated to be around 1,400. WhatsApp. It alleged the firm did it for the purposes of surveillance.

Among the affected users are journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents, and diplomats. The victims according to the lawsuit have on their device contacts from several countries, including Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico,

Explaining how the company was able to transfer its malicious software, the Facebook-owned company alleged NSO Group created numerous WhatsApp accounts and through them transferred the code into the messaging app’s servers in April and May.

“We believe this attack targeted at least 100 members of civil society, which is an unmistakable pattern of abuse,” WhatsApp said in a statement reported by BBC.

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WhatsApp has requested an injunction to ban the use of its platform by the defendant.

The firm in defence said it did nothing of such and vowed to fight the allegations.

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