Ex-Nigerian President, IBB Is A Native Of Gbagyi Where Women Don’t Carry Loads On Their Heads

General Babangida and Gbagyi People

Gbagyi or Gwarri (also spelt Gbari) is one of the people in Nigeria, living in the North Central geo-political zone in the country. The people, who are the most populated ethnic Group and indigenous in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, are peaceful, agriculturalist, artistic and Nupoid-speaking people, who predominantly live in the Niger, Kaduna States, while some of them also live in Nasarawa and Kogi states.

Among other things, the fact that Gwari women do not carry loads on their heads, but on their shoulders is an interesting part of this community, which is proud of the ex-Nigerian military head of state, General Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) as a native from Minna.

Gwarri women do not carry loads on their head like other women in most African cultures, rather they carry loads on their shoulders. The rationale behind this is their belief, which accorded so much respect and honour to the head, giving it a royal status as the King of the entire body. Hence, they considered it absurd to burden the head with a manual or pedestrian task.

One other interesting fact about the Gbagyi people is that the ancient gods of the people forbidden it for their men to carry loads, while loads carried on the shoulders of Gwari women mysteriously weight lighter than when they carry it on their heads.

The fact that the people of Gbagyi do not carry loads on their heads were said to be responsible for the high intelligence of Gwari people.

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