My Death Rumour, Very Strange ―Don Moen

Donald James (Don Moen)
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AMERICAN gospel musician, Donald James, popularly known as Don Moen has described the recent rumour about his death as something very strange to him at a time he had nothing to be linked to such incident.

The 67 year-old American disclosed this while featuring during the special holy ghost night that climaxed the 35th annual Holy Ghost Convention of Christ Life Ministries International held at the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, Oke-Ado, Ibadan, on Friday night.

Other guests’ ministers include Evangelist Dr Bola Are, Dr Panam Percy Paul, Pastor Moji Alawiye, 800 choir members of the ministry and a host of choreography group display.

Two months ago, an American online medium shocked the world by announcing the death of the popular song writer due to stomach pain, though the news later proved to be fake.

According to Moen, who says though he was not perturbed by the ‘strange news’ said his life is a testimony to God faithfulness in his music ministry, noting that he was just where God wants him to be at the time the fake news went viral.

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He said, “It is glad to be in Ibadan, God is good to me all the time. I thank Bishop and Dr Mrs Wale Oke for believing in our ministry and the privilege to minister at this year’s holy ghost convention.

“I thank God I’m not dead as people think. It’s strange how this (death) rumour began. But I am happy I’m here today where God is and where he want me to be.”

He then capped it with one of his famous songs “I’m just to be where you are, in your dwelling place for ever ever, take me to the place you are.”

The popular worship minister further added that his life is already a testimony that irrespective of any rumour, he still hold God dear in his heart, reason such ‘rumour’ will never shake him.

According to him, “Lord, I thank you tonight for all God has done for me. This is about knowing him quickly in my life.

“I am the husband of one wife, Laura. We’ve been marry for 44 years. She would have been with me here tonight except she is watching over the grandchildren.

“We didn’t know we’ll ever have any children. After 12 years of marriage; we had a daughter, then we had a son, and then we have a daughter and then we have a son and then we have another son. And in just about eight years, we had five children after 12 years of trying while the doctor said it’s impossible. But people prayed and God did it for us.”



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