Former Senate President Fires US Congressman, Says He Has Myopic Views On Nigeria

Senator Ameh Ebute
Senator Ameh Ebute

ELDER statesman and former Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Ameh Ebute, has replied the United States Congressman, Tom Marino, over his controversial secret letter to the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, saying the letter revealed Marino’s myopia on issues concerning Nigeria.

The Distibguished in his letter addressed to Nigeria’s foreign affairs Minister said Congressman Marino’s letter contained so many inaccuracies and even outright lies which he would have done better whispering those thoughts to the US Secretary of State rather than documenting his myopia in the now infamous letter.

Senator Ebute said the essence of that letter by the Congressman was to block the offer of assistance in fighting insurgency that Kerry offered during his recent visit to Nigeria, but reminded Marino that Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari and the current military leadership have degraded the Boko Haram insurgents even without the promised US support that Marino wants to deprive the country of.

He said for Marino to have relied on a discredited Amnesty International report to validate his claims is laughable.

According to Senator Ebute, from the onset, the offer of assistance is not to Nigeria in the real sense since we are already defeating Boko Haram but is a gesture that would go a long way to secure the West Africa sub-region from terrorism that has become a global concern.

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He said to the extent that a Nigeria free of terrorism will contribute to a more secured world and the Americans would actually be helping themselves by offering this assistance since that country is the one in the crosshair of terrorists.
He urged the Federal Government to lodge the appropriate complaints against the congressman using the appropriate diplomatic channels, adding that on the domestic front, we should intensify efforts at building our local capacity since

He said, “His uncouth letter was driven in the belief that his country remains an imperial lord over Nigeria and other nations and that is a sentiment that we must not give room to if we hope to move ahead as a people.

“I therefore crave your indulgence to use your office to send a strong message to Congressman Tom Marino, the US Congress and the United States Government that the era of imperialism is over and discussions about mutual cooperation should not be exploited to pass ignorant judgement on Nigeria or any other nation for that matter.”

According to him, the US also have its own security challenges, saying as at the middle of this year, the number of persons mowed down by police bullets in the US topped 160 and counting as the year progressed. He said

He said, “Nigeria must in an unequivocal voice tell Congressman Marino to remove the log in his country’s eye before attempting to remove the speck in ours. It takes a lot of hypocrisy to accuse Nigeria’s security and military of committing extra judicial killings when law enforcement officers in Congressman Marino’s own country now carry out daily extra-judicial executions against persons of particular racial background.”

Ebute compared the Congressman to Ekiti State governor, Mr Ayo Fayose, saying he is only playing to the gallery.

He said, “As a Republican candidate in Pennsylvania’s 10th District, Marino was in danger of being fired by the US Department of Justice due to questions about his effectiveness.

“This consideration was later given credibility with Marino’s reported ethics shenanigans and alleged mob ties. Here is the character that wants to lecture the world on how Nigeria should be run.”



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