5 Clever Ways To Avoid ATM Charges

ATM machine in Nigeria
ATM machine in Nigeria

SINCE the introduction of the cashless policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria, banks have devised and evolved various means to make money. One of the important ways is underhand and secret ATM charge. You will realize that whenever you use your ATM card, aside from the amount paid, you will get alert for charges. Sometimes, you will be surprised by these extra
charges which are deducted without being warned beforehand.

Here are some ideas on how to reduce or bypass these ATM charges:

Plan ahead
Planning your itinerary is essential to avoid ATM charges which are the easiest way to avoid these fees. You can do this by developing a budget and be certain about the cash you want.

Always Use the ATM machine of your bank
There are so many banking regulations that are alien to everyday bank customers. One ATM rule is that you can withdraw from other ATMs thrice a month afterwards you will be charged N65. So, always use the ATM of your bank. For example, if you own a GT bank ATM, always use a GT ATM.

Pay cash instead of using POS
It is very easy to shop for groceries and pay for it via POS. if you do, you will receive a fee alert. But before you shop, you should withdraw enough money from the ATM of your bank rather than pay with the POS.

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Take as much cash as you want
Carrying large amounts of cash is not advisable. But if you really want to avoid the charges, have a reasonable amount on you wherever you go so that you don’t just use any ATM whenever you need money!

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Go to the bank to withdraw money
Many people prefer to either use ATM or Mobile banking. It is easier. But this is a sure way for bank fees. You can simply go ‘old school’ by going to the bank to withdraw money especially when the ATM of your bank is out of cash!

This piece was sent in by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, a PR Associate at Jumia Travel



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