South West Tourism Promoters Commend Obiano Over Mbanefo’s Appointment

Sally Mbanefo with Chief Willie Obiano
Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano (left) with the state's Commissioner for Artwork, Tourism and Diaspora, Mrs. Sally Mbanefo.

THE South-West Tourism Promoters (SWTP), has commended the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, for the appointment of Dr Sally Mbanefo as the state Commissioner for Art Works, Tourism and Diaspora.

The association described Governor Obianio’s act as “an ultra-patriotic act of a visionary governor who diligently sieved through the seas of tourism administrators in Nigeria to pick one of the very best who has the skill, the experience, style, brand and mental capacity of unearthing, exhibiting, excavating and enhancing the economic goldmine of tourism in Nigeria”.

The release, signed by the President of the association, Mr Martins Benedict Adewale, and made available to ReportersAtLarge, reads in part: “We must commend the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, for its rare insight in locating one of the most resourceful and competent tourism marketers and promoters of art and culture in Nigeria, in the person of Dr Sally Mbanefo, the former Director-General of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), as the Anambra State Commissioner for Artworks, Tourism and Diaspora. This appointment aptly fit into the common saying of putting a square peg in a square hole.

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“We are bold to say and tell all that Governor Obiano by this appointment confirmed to all that he is a purposeful governor who wants the best for his state and his people, thus, this has been his guiding principle for seeking the best hands to achieve and accomplish the best for his people. And Dr Sally Mbanefo is one of the very best when it comes to managing, administering, growing and enhancing tourism potentialities in Nigeria. She is an experienced tourism potentiality, developer and enhancer, who nurtured, watered and groomed Nigeria’s domestic tourism potentialities during her tenure at NTDC.”

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“We want to point out too that Governor Obiano is focussed by including Artworks in the schedule of assignment of Dr Sally Mbanefo, who herself is an avid and seasoned artist, a lover of artworks who has a personal gallery which harbours over 500 artworks of her own handiwork. We care to say that this is the first time that a state governor would be taking keen interest in the artworks, a multi-billion dollar trans-generation creative economy sector which has endeared Italy, Rome, France and Paris to tourist and fortune centre.”

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The association also described the inclusion of Diaspora relations as part of the assignment of Dr Mbanefo as an attestation that Governor Obiano is about goal setting and goal getting because “Dr Mbanefo apart from being a Barrister-at-Law, has not only travelled wide and far, but has the advantages of being eloquent in about six languages including French and Spanish, while she is of a Swedish mother, all these and her effeminate public interaction will facilitate a smooth international network between Anambra State and the pool of talents in the Diaspora.”

The association then called on Governor Obiano to “be rest assured of having hired an official who will deliver any assignment hurled at her beyond his imagination. Sally Mbanefo is a lady of tremendous energy who is always passionate about whatever she is called upon to do. She is a wholly detribalised Nigerian who does her work diligently with great enthusiasm to add value to her boss and the good of the society. Anambra has gotten an asset in Artwork, Tourism and Diaspora”.



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