2019: ANN Party Vows To End Boko Haram, Kidnapping, Injustice

Jay Osi-Samuels
Chairman, Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Dr. Jay Osi-Samuels

NATIONAL Chairman of the newly registered Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Dr. Jay Osi-Samuels, said the party would bring an end to Boko Haram insurgency, herdsmen killings, kidnapping and other inhumane vices if the party assumes power in 2019.

Osi-Samuel, who disclosed this while speaking with journalists at the official opening of the National Secretariat of the part in Abuja, on Tuesday, also said “ANN, as it is, now consists of professionals who can use their ‘number six’ to do things the right way and improve on governance in the interest of Nigerians.”

He added: “Government is about applying your number six. The type of leaders we have now are only working for their selfish interests. All they are serving is me myself that’s all.

“We are coming with a difference in 2019. We have brought to you a path to a new Nigeria. Let us together say bye bye to mediocrity in governance. Transparency, accountability, productivity and enabling environment are what we want to create for everybody to thrive.”

While saying further that Nigerians don’t need anybody to thrive, he disclosed that “we will provide everything possible and provide jobs for our youths because we know they are not lazy. We are one in this party.

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“This party will ensure things are done differently from what it used to be by providing environment to prosper. We will not call Nigerian youths lazy.

“We have passion to make Nigeria great. We are not going to recycle leaders. We are a party that is owned by Nigerians irrespective of their lineage, ethnic or religious.

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“We have a unique selling point for Nigerians. We are professionals. This party is owned by ordinary Nigerians because every member owns the party. Seventy per cent of our members are learned, elites and experienced in their political spheres. We have come to do things differently. We are promisig that it’s not going to be the same.”

When asked if the party will go into alliance with other political parties, he emphatically said “No”, saying that the party is open to work with like minds who are already approaching it to work together.

Another senior member of the party, Makanju Ogundipe, opined that ANN is different among all the parties in Nigeria, saying, “Here, we are and sure that it will win the next presidential election. Today, you have abandoned them. You are nowvin the right place. The man leading us is the one that fears God.”

He tasked members to go back to their differet units and collect their Permanent Voters’ Cards PVC, saying “we dont have much time to waste in Abuja as you need to back home and secure members for this party”.



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