Breaking : Reps Shot Down Buhari’s Executive Order

Muhammadu Buhari on security
President Muhammadu Buhari

MEMBERS of the House of Representatives at Wednesday plenary, by a unanimous voice vote, shot down President Muhammad Buhari’s Executive Order

Recall that the President signed the order recently to give his government power to confiscate stolen assets of suspected individuals believed to have richly corrupted themselves via public.

But contributing to a motion sponsored by 25 persons and moved by Hon. Nicholas Ossai (Delta State) on the issue, the lawmakers said that the Order was against the tenets of the democracy.

They also said it is the usurpation of Legislative powers constitutionally inherent in the National Assembly to make laws for the country.

According to the House, the President cannot approbate and reprobate unilaterally without the inputs of the Legislature and the Judiciary which made up the pillars of democracy in the country

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