Ekiti Indigenes, Others Shower Encomiums On Fayemi At Birthday Party In Ibadan

Kayode Fayemi
Dr Kayode Fayemi

THE Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi, received a torrent of commendations for his brilliant and hope-ladden performances within a short time in the saddle of governance in Ekiti State.

The bags of praise were hurled on Dr Fayemi at a get-together party organised by Wale Ojo-Lanre, an indigene of Usi Ekiti and his friends, to celebrate the 54th birthday of the Governor at the Press Centre, Iyaganku Ibadan, Oyo State last Saturday.

The get-together, which was graced by prominent friends of the host, served as a platform for the evaluation of the performance of Governor Fayemi since he mounted the saddle of governance by both indigenes and non-indigenes of the state.

Barrister Richmond Nata Alade, an erudite lawyer and an Ekiti State indigene who is based in Ibadan said “To be honest, I was expecting Dr Kayode Fayemi’s second coming as the Governor of Ekiti state to be characterised by vindictive tendencies, vengeance, political victimization and crude witch-hunting of both political adversaries and imaginary felons but to my surprise. He has embraced and displayed a calmness of purpose which has disarmed some of those expecting him to behave to type.”

Barrister Alade pointed out that rather for Dr Fayemi to allow the second chance of his coming to swell up his ego “he, to me, sees it as a divine providence planned and executed by God Almighty for him, first to improve on his image and upgrade the benchmark of performance during his first political oddysey in Ekiti State and second to liberate my people and set them free from the shackles of development retrogression, political slavery and captivity,mental enslavement and gross dehumanization of self esteem.”

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He pointed out that “within the space of four months, Dr Fayemi has showcased brilliance in governance and proved to the whole world that a philosopher-ruler has come to power this tine around with the sole mission of putting in place the fundamentals necessary for phenomenal development of Ekiti state.”

Barrister Nata-Alade said “You can observe his modus operandi and approach to governance in Ekiti State has been laced with calmness in drifts, methodical in the implementation of policies and programmes and the institutionalization of robustness in government.”

Prince Seun Eddie Oyewole, a building engineer and an Ibadan indigene said: “To me, Fayemi is a messiah, sent by God to Ekiti, to institute hope in that intellectually agrarian state which has undergone a harrowing experienced in crude governance. He has within a short time spread soothing balm on the socio-economic bruise inflicted on the people of the state by the past government. He is proving to be a thinker and a worker of equity.”

Princess Adeola Ologundudu remarked that the fact that he has a solid home and a visionary wife is telling positively and rubbing off on his mode of governance and the people of the state.

“You can notice that this time around he is running an affectionate government based of pro-masses, pro-children and pro-poor in a dignifying manner without portraying Ekiti people as beggarss and abject hailers on the street.”

Samuel Nwaoko, a journalist, confirmed that “Having worked in Ekiti State for many years, I can confirm that Ekiti is rising and moving faster beyond expectations under Fayemi and I hope the tempo will not only be sustained but increased with profound enthusiasm.”

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Mr Shola Kehinde, a Chartered Accountant with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN); Otunba Akeem Balogun; Mrs Seyi Salami; Dr Mrs Adeyemi Adejuyigbe; Muyiwa Afolayan and several others hailed Governor Fayemi for an impressive performance in Ekiti State and wished him many purposeful years on Earth.

Wale Ojo-Lanre, the host, who just arrived Nigeria from an official assignment in the US said: “We put this together in honour of a Governor of Ekiti State who is not only doing well but is methodically planting and fixing the governmental and administrative necessities needed for the sustainable development of our state. We put this together to celebrate the day a man who has come to relaunch decency, decorum and stately, politeness and sanity into government business in the state was born. We put it together to appreciate the day a man who is showcasing the pristine moral ethics and value of a typical Ekiti man to the whole world. We put this together to boost the morale of a man who is showing the world that Ekiti is not a state of hooligans but of literate intellectuals and dynamically informed people. We put this up to honour a Governor who is doing everything decently well to restore Ekiti to the real Ile Uyi, ile eye.”



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