Ekweremadu Asks FG To Return Mission Schools To Owners

Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu

DEPUTY Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, on Monday, asked the Federal Government to critically return mission schools to their original owners.

Ekweremadu, who talked at the 46th conference of Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, said the call got to be distinctly basic since government had flopped in expanding upon the triumphs recorded before the commanding takeover of the schools.

He likewise raised alert over what he depicted as unfair practices in the confirmation of imminent understudies into open instructive foundations.

Talking on Monday in Enugu at the 46th Convocation of the Bigard Memorial Seminary, Senator Ekweremadu however attracted the country’s consideration regarding how quality training had raised South Korea from the vestiges of war and neediness toward the finish of the Korean War in 1953, to a worldwide monetary super-control, even with for all intents and purposes no mineral assets.

The Deputy Senate President pondered which country at any point gained ground by “admission policies and practices that lower the standard to accommodate some candidates at the expense of brighter students and merit, as is the case in Unity Schools, rather than ensure that every state raises the bar in terms of teaching and funding to enable their students match their peers from other parts of the country”.

As indicated by him, the constrained takeover of schools in the 1970s “should never have happened”, taking note of that such “punitive act, coupled with long years of military misrule threw the door of our educational system open to the evils of decadence, nepotism, poor funding, decrepit infrastructure, abandonment, mediocrity, immorality and indiscipline that ravaged other government-run institutions and services”.

Ekweremadu noticed that the Church and different religious organizations, when they held influence, lifted the training area to grandiose scholastic, disciplinary, and moral gauges.



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