LG Electronics Launches Waka Waka Audio System In Nigeria

Samsung Waka

THE much-talked about portable Audio system tagged FH2 has made its grand entry into the Nigerian Market. Nigeria’s No 1 brand in Consumer Electronics and Home Entertainment, LG Electronics, has been known for not only introducing World class products into the Nigerian market but fosters on providing its numerous customers with unique products that meet their everyday needs.

With the LG FH2, nicknamed Waka Waka Audio System,” Consumers’ can now party all day long anytime, anywhere. This newest innovation permits users to wheel the product freely in and out of any party just as a regularly mini-travel suitcase. The LG FH2 Audio which comes with an In-built battery pack possesses an extended play time of 15 hours without AC Power, guaranteeing longer hours of musical ecstasy, while catching your groovy moments with family and friends.

Another striking feature is its Multi-Point Bluetooth which allows you to connect up to 3 devices at the same time, without necessarily obstructing the flow of its functionality. This allows family and friends, bond properly when they simultaneously connect to share their favourite musical tracks on the go, without taking turns to connect to the sound system individually. LG FH2 automatically comes on and livens up the atmosphere once music is sent to it via the Bluetooth connectivity system creating an aural of excitement at once. Music can also be played using the USB port that comes with it.

Commenting on the product, General Manager, Convergence Audio/Video Division, LG Electronics, Mr Hyunseung Shin said: “Life is about more than having the latest technology. It is about the experiences this technology creates. The LG FH2 sound system going by its innovative features would enable users embrace life, preparing them for the greatest musical excitement ever. With the LG FH2 users can now experience high quality sound combined with portability.”

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LG has innovatively introduced a seven step approach, which simply means users can now sing in any key of their choice, no matter the level of singing ability. With a push on the button users can change any song into a Karaoke version making it possible to sing along with friends while dancing to beautiful musical vibes. This helps to create uniformity in lyrical melody among peers who are out there to have great time with the blaring musical sound from the FH2.

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Interestingly, LG FH2 comes with an inbuilt FM radio with a well positioned antenna capable of picking up any frequency even in difficult terrain. Users now have the luxury of listening to their favourite radio station on the FH2 system. It comes fully packed with a microphone jack, which means it can also be used as a public address system with utmost clarity. Encased in a Metallic Grill cover the LG FH2 system is designed with human-centric features which would make it naturally attractive to users. It is indeed a must have for lovers of uninterrupted quality sound system.

For fun seekers who love to have out of home get together from time to time with their loved ones, they need not worry about the stress of setting up a sound system, as the LG FH2 is portably packaged without a power cord and yet produces unbelievable sound effects that will blow your mind away. Now taking a party sound system is as easy as rolling a suitcase. As a matter of fact anytime you plan on having your party on the beach or among a circle of friends, the party would simply be incomplete without LG FH2 sound system.

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