International Womens Day: Akeredolu Calls For 35% Women Participation In Ondo Govt

Betty Akeredolu
Betty Akeredolu

WIFE of the Ondo State governor, Mrs Betty Akeredolu, on Wednesday requested 35 for every penny political arrangement from the new government in the state, similarly as she called for more ladies investment in legislative issues.

Mrs Akeredolu who expressed this amid this year festivity of International Women’s Day in Akure, Ondo state capital, noticed that ladies are under-spoken to in many nations of the world from time immemorial.

As per her, ladies are progressively being politically inspired while the quantity of ladies in legislative issues is still not empowering.

Mrs Akeredolu, who noticed that the require the entry of the bill of sex disparities at the National Assembly would have cruised through, yet for few number of ladies taking part in the country’s governmental issues.

She stated that it was high time for women to take active part in political and elective positions in the country, saying women were better managers of resources.

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She said 35 for every penny ladies in the present organization was not all that much, saying more ladies in government would realize better execution of the organization.

“The low representation of women in positions of real authority and decision making is an issue that needs to be addressed urgently. I want to encourage our girls and women to take charge so that we will have women representing and pushing our agenda. We need more women in government championing policies that will be of real benefit to us.”

The wife of the governor said, “You can be rest assured that this administration is ready to support women and girls to be the best they can be. I am a woman and I am bold for change and I encourage all women to be bold for change.

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“Women of Ondo State, let us inspire, encourage and demand change in the workplace by being educated and empowered, by being determined and passionate and by empowering ourselves, by changing some harmful cultural norms limiting our daughters such as early marriage, female genital mutilation and so on.”

Talking prior, the state representative, Rotimi Akeredolu, guaranteed ladies in the express his administration would not disregard ladies in the state them to “rededicate themselves for a superior tomorrow.”

He asked the ladies to rededicate themselves towards the advancement of the land saying the force of improvement of any country lies with the ladies.

He guaranteed the ladies in the express that their advantage and rights would be enough ensured by his administration saying that ladies are exceptionally quiet, tolerant and energetic.

He said for any improvement to happen, ladies ought to be given more parts in government and opportunities to add to the political and financial advancement of the nation.

He said “the international day for the women is a day special to every home and family and women must be given priority in all fields.

“A good woman makes a good home, the women folds will increase in needs and bounds and their rights will not be neglected in my administration.” the governor guaranteed them.



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