Nigeria: I’m Back To My Regular Position As Vice President —Osinbajo

Buhari and Osinbajo

VICE President Yemi Osinbajo said he has passed the baton of power back to President Muhammadu Buhari and has returned to his role as the Vice President.

He affirmed this in a visit with State House reporters while rising up out of around 60 minutes in length meeting with the president in his office at the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Monday.

He said the president is currently prepared to accept his obligations despite the fact that he would keep on delegating a few obligations to him as Vice President as had been the situation.

Reacting to enquiry on whether he has given over power, expressed: “Oh yes! I’m back to my regular position as vice president.”

Asked how the president is getting along, he stated: “He is very well. We just had a very long meeting where basically trying to bring the President up to speed as to some of the things we have done while he was away‎.

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“And he has given a few directives on what we should be doing on so many areas, the north east, budget, the economy, a wide range of issues.”

On whether Buhari is prepared for the work, he stated:“He held a meeting with me for over an hour where we discussed a wide range of issues. So, his readiness for work is not in doubt at all. In fact he has over ready.”

Osinbajo was additionally asked whether the president was inspired with his execution while he was away to which he reacted: “I think the president was sensibly fulfilled.”

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He additionally remarked on the conceivable assignment of more obligations to him in perspective of the president’s condition of wellbeing, saying: “I think the president as you most likely are aware has constantly given me a few duties. I think what we should perceive is that the way this organization work is that it has dependably been cooperation.

“Very little is done without the president’s clearance. So, generally speaking, even with responsibilities that are my constitutional responsibilities, we have full discussions on them, we have full agreements on all of those issues.

“It is necessarily delegation, yes in some cases delegation, but by and large, practically everything I discuss fully with him and have his endorsement before we are able to go on and do anything at all.”



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