PDP Challenges APC, Lai Mohammed On $1bn Excess Crude Money, Sources Of 2015 Presidential Campaign Funds

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The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has challenged the decision All Progressives Congress (APC) party to come clean on the issue of the $1bn Excess Crude money, while also challenging the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, to to comment on allegations that the APC funded its 2015 presidential campaign with stolen public funds, particularly from Lagos and Rivers states.

PDP likewise portrayed as a diversionary strategy utilized by APC and Mohammed to beguile Nigerians, an announcement saying PDP is rebranding with stolen reserves.

An announcement marked by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, on Sunday, however said that APC ought to rather address issues it (PDP) raised on why the arranged withdrawal of $1bn from the Excess Crude Account, ECA, to battle Boko Haram rebellion is a ploy.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture

PDP additionally portrayed as indefensible, the move to pull back the said $1bn from ECA, keeping up it is an endeavor to steal the nation’s assets by APC to fund fanatic exercises.

The release additionally said that safe house fizzled Nigerians, particularly by subjecting them to untold hardship, the APC has depended on a recharged “wild allegations and cheap blackmail against the PDP” in another flood of endeavors to occupy the psyches of Nigerians far from its fizzled administration.

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The PDP, which demanded that the Federal Government must address the issues it raised, noticed that “the attempt by the APC Federal Government to divert attention from the fraud, by resorting to unsubstantiated allegations against the PDP only reinforces its manipulative tendencies and arrogant spurn to the sensibilities of Nigerians.”

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It said just the APC-drove government approaches open finances in the nation and subsequently, it is extremely unlikely PDP could be rebranding with stolen stores.

Challenging Mohammed to clarify the wellsprings of APC’s 2015 battle financing, the PDP additionally requested the APC-drove national government to tell the truth on the issue of the $1bn Excess Crude cash.

The release somewhat peruses: “such wild allegation was only intended to divert public attention from the heavy sleazes under the current administration, the latest being the moves to use the fight against terrorism as a conduit to siphon public funds for partisan purposes.

“The Federal Government has failed to address issues raised by the PDP and majority of Nigerians, including APC members, who cannot fathom how this administration would want to expend N365bn on fighting insurgents it claimed had been technically defeated.

“It is indeed appalling that rather than being remorseful, the APC Federal Government has renewed its wild allegations and cheap blackmail against the PDP.

“It is a clear to all that the PDP do not have access to public funds and cannot be rebranding with stolen money. Instead, we are rebranding on the grace of the general goodwill of Nigerians who have suffered untold hardships in close to three years of APC government.

“While we understand the nervousness of the APC Federal Government over our rebranding and the renewed popularity of the PDP, which has signaled their inevitable death knell, resorting to outlandish allegations will not help them as Nigerians have since seen through such old-fashioned propaganda and gimmicks.

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“We are however not surprised by this diversionary and deceptive approach from the APC government; a government whose officials have since become notorious for dishing out falsehood to Nigerians to cover their incompetence and corrupt tendencies.

“This is the same minister of information, who in a press conference in Abuja, in 2016, promoted allegations that 55 people stole a total of N1.34 trillion; that 5 former governors stole N146.8 billion; that 4 former ministers stole N7 billion. All these have remained unsubstantiated.

“While we challenge this Government to come clean on the issue of the $1bn Excess Crude money, we also challenge the minister of information to comment on allegations that the APC funded its 2015 presidential campaign with stolen public funds, particularly from Lagos and Rivers states.

“He should also waste no time in commenting on allegations of corruption against their former SGF, Babachir Lawal, the Mainagate and other heavy sleazes going on unabated under the current APC-led administration.”



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