Japanese Passport Most Powerful In The World: See Nigeria’s Rank

japan passport vs nigerian passport

THE Japanese passport has been ranked as the most powerful in the world. Its high ranking was linked to the fact that it avails those who possess it visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to about 191 destinations around the world.

The ranking was according to the latest report regarding the world’s most powerful International Passport.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian passport places at 95, which is just above countries like Djibouti, South Sudan, and other war-torn countries in the middle-east.

Channels online reports that the list, put together by Henley Passport Index which occasionally curates a list of the world’s most travel-friendly passports.

In the recently published report, the list also shows another Asian country – Singapore sitting in second place, with other European countries trailing right behind.

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In spite of the fact that Nigeria is the largest nation in Africa, Nigerians find it rather difficult while travelling internationally.

Those who possess a Nigerian passport most time experience difficulties going through a plethora of checks, many have often described as dehumanizing the way they were treated at the airports of other nations.

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