Yoruba Youths Caution Aso Rock Cabal Over Buhari’s Health‎

President Buhari fight against opposition
President Buhari

THE Yoruba Youth Socio-Cultural (YYSA)‎ has portrayed some exceptionally put Nigerians who are claimed to mount weight on President Muhammadu Buhari to return home as an issue of direness as being “narrow minded and unfeeling.”

This notice is contained in a public statement signed by the President of ‎YYSA, Mr Habib Olalekan Hammed, and made accessible to reporters in Ibadan.

As indicated by the ‎group, there is no sense in hurrying the sickly president back home since his excursion to the UK which was to get restorative treatment has not yet been accomplished

Hammed for YYSA said “it would amount to homicide to influence the president to come to Nigeria just to feign being medically alright or assure Nigerians that his condition is mild.”

As indicated by the statement, “Any attempt to rush President Muhammadu Buhari back to Nigeria for political or personal interests of some people is callous and a ploy to put the country into contrived mourning since the president has not been certified medically alright by his doctors.

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“Only those who do not care about the future of this country are calling for the president’s arrival even if it is just to show up and go back to the UK to complete his medical treatment.

“Why do we have to force an indisposed person to work and risk his life when we have a Vice President on ground already manning the affairs of the country in acting capacity and he is doing ‎his best. It is better we endure missing our President than losing him.”

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YYSA however, cautioned the administration and those ‎calling for the President Buhari’s youthful return at all cost to halt from the demonstration, saying the best thing is to permit the President appreciate full therapeutic look after his snappy recovery.‎



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