Best Ways To Quit Shisha Smoking

Shisha smokers in dangers

SHISHA smoking can be so addictive, and seemingly difficult to quit. And the truth remains that quitting it can be very hard but it’s taking the steps to really quit that makes it even harder. You may sometimes not be able to control yourself from having negative thoughts on how difficult it might be to quit shisha, especially if you have been used to it for quite a long time, but staying committed will help you quit shisha successful.

The need to develop a strong personal reason to stop shisha is also very important. If you want to live a longer and healthier life, and if you care about the people you love, you need to get yourself focused on your goal.

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When you feel stress building up, you are likely to continue smoking shisha. Start conditioning yourself physically through exercise. You will not only build up your health and strength but it also makes you better able to respond to stress.

With support from friends and family, you are much likely to succeed in quitting shisha. Telling them what kind of support you need, when do you need it and making clear what you expect from them helps you pursue your shisha cessation goals.

Helpful Methods To Quit shisha

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Some people get help through Medication Therapy, which is considered to be very effective. It is very crucial to talk to your physician on the different options of medication since not all smokers are the same. Your physician will figure out which medicine is right and what are the other methods to help you out in quitting shisha.

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If you prefer for a more social interaction, Cognitive Behavior Therapy works for you. It involves working with a trained therapist to talk about issues and learn ways of coping with your feelings and breaking your shisha smoking habits. Its focus is on increasing your confidence in the ability to quit shisha.

Another helpful way to quit shisa is through motivational interviewing. This is a kind of counselling technique to help you explore and resolve uncertainties about changing your behaviour. This method seeks to avoid an aggressive or confrontational approach. It guides you towards choosing to change your behaviour and to encourage self-belief.



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