Nigerian Banks’ Twitter Banter Goes Viral

Nigerian Banks logos

VIRAL on Twitter today is #Bankwar.

Guardian reports that Sterling Bank may not be the most popular bank in Nigeria. But on Saturday, it crept into the consciousness of many Nigerians, perhaps, potential customers, all thanks to a tweet, which has since gone viral.

Bank WarsThe tweet is a less-than-subtle shade thrown at the banks’ rivals including Guaranty Trust Bank, Access Bank, First Bank and Union Bank.

It contains a graphic with the logos of the four banks manipulated to show they are not worthy of customers’ attention.

Shoot for the moon, become a star – it’s the least you deserve. Welcome to #SterlingBank ?

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— Sterling Bank Plc (@Sterling_Bankng) July 20, 2018

It was not long before the four banks, sans GTBank, started to respond with digs of their own.

We will travel on an imaginary rocket too, if we were a one-customer Microfinance Bank; but with ten million customers and counting, we rather bring the galaxy to you! #YouAreWorthIt #TakeTomorrow #KnowYourElders

— Access Bank Plc (@myaccessbank) July 21, 2018

Access Bank’s reply has been liked and retweeted more than Sterling’s trigger tweet.

Union Bank followed suit quick. It took the bank three tweets to hit the home run.

The last tweet, however, comes a tone finality and with allusion to the beefs between Nas and Jay-Z (Ether) and Pusha T and Drake (Story of Adidion). And if you are familiar with hip-hop, you will know that ‘Ether’ by Nas and ‘Story of Adidion’ are among the stop knock-them-dead diss tracks.

Heading to the moon without a spacesuit…journey mercies??‍♂️??‍♂️#simplersmarterSAFERbanking

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— UNION BANK (@UNIONBANK_NG) July 21, 2018

When the elders speak… #SimplerSmarterSAFERBank

— UNION BANK (@UNIONBANK_NG) July 21, 2018

There’s no coming back after “Ether” or “Story of Adidon”…settle down now, take a deep breath. Back to counting this Naira, Dollars and Pounds… #SimplerSmarterSAFERBank

— UNION BANK (@UNIONBANK_NG) July 21, 2018

The oldest bank among the lot also fired its own two-tweet salvo.

What an elder sees while sitting, a child cannot see even if he travels to the moon. #RespectYourElders #YouFirst

— FirstBank Nigeria (@FirstBankngr) July 21, 2018

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— FirstBank Nigeria (@FirstBankngr) July 21, 2018

Guaranty Trust Bank has refused to be drawn into the catfight. Silence is golden?



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