Akogun Posi Adiatu: A Choice Towards A Vibrant Representation

Senate National Assembly Complex
National Assembly Complex

SINCE the return to democratic governance in 1999, Iwo federal constituency has suffered deficient representation at the lower chamber of the National Assembly. Even when it has enjoyed its fair share of representatives over that period, its voice has remained largely scanty and derided it of deserved national importance.

This glaring failing has fuelled clamour for a representative with vigour and capacity to canvass and better present the views of the constituents at the National Assembly. Though, with varying sentiments expressed, the consensus of views pointed to the salient conclusion that a paradigm shift is well overdue in choice for representative for the Iwo federal constituency.

They want a representative with the charisma and clear understanding of their pains and could give a deserved voice to the constituency at the green chamber. It was just an agitation that could no longer be repressed.

The resolves, which are quite impressive, however, raised a poser as to who among the candidates of political parties seeking the mandate of the electorate to represent the constituency at the House of Representatives next year, answered the yearnings of the people. While democracy resides in us the right to elect our representative, we must optimize the opportunity of next year election to make a choice that really matters.

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A choice that will replace the docile past with active representation. A choice that will table the challenges of constituents and evoke remedy. A choice that will accommodate constituents as stakeholders and gives regular progress reports. A choice that appreciates constituent’s collective progress and not stomach infrastructure. A choice that doesn’t discriminate but embraces constituents political and religious differences and prioritizes their future prosperity, not immediate sentiments. In all these considerations, one name, Akogun Posi Adiatu, featured recurrently.

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Though his campaign has not been so audible, his agenda which revolves around better representation placed much premium on serving the people– the fulcrum on which his aspiration is founded. Going through his mission for Iwo federal constituency clearly revealed a man prepared for leadership as he had taken his time to appraise the challenges facing Iwo federal constituency and able to come up with probable remedies to change the narratives that had impeded the growth and development of the zone.

As a civil servant with an unblemished reputation in over three decades of public service, Akogun Adiatu is well positioned with the right background to restore the lost glory of Iwo federal constituency. His passion for service, a template he is advancing to represent the constituency, placed him ahead of other candidates in the race.

Aside from his unwavering commitment to the growth and development of the constituency, Akogun Adiatu governmental experience and exposure better equipped him to awaken the consciousness of people of Iwo federal constituency, both home and abroad, to be collaborative in efforts to reposition the constituency for enhanced growth. This approach, as practised in most advanced nations, is returning power to the people.

A closer introspect on Akogun Adiatu’s aspiration to represents Iwo federal constituency leaves no doubt of his preparedness to explore his sterling leadership credential and discipline which earned him impressive and productive years in the civil service.

The success story of his seeming progression in public service stands as an affirmation of the capacity of Akogun Adiatu to give a better representation and create a desirable voice for Iwo federal constituency at the lower legislative chamber in Abuja. This is the deal he is offering Iwo federal constituency and I am confident, considering his antecedent that he would deliver.

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Even more desirous about him is compassionate– a critical emotion that is evidently lacking in our today’s governance atmosphere. Akogun Adiatu is reputed for his contributions to humanity. From scholastic intervention to socio-economic empowerment; Akogun Adiatu philanthropic imprint knows no bound. Though a silent giver, Akogun Adiatu had in his private capacity, supported several Iwoland indigenes, both at home and in the diasporas, in securing economic freedom, by either facilitating employments or granting financial support for them to start their own enterprises. His emphasis has always been his people– a decisive factor which motivated him to be seeking the House of Representative seat to better serve the people.

The purpose of leadership is to serve the people. This understanding aligned with Akogun Adiatu’s aspiration and his antecedent affirmed to this principle. It is quite evident that if given the mandate in the next year House of the Representative election, the people of Iwo federal constituency would have made the choice that matters.



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