Ekiti, Brazilian Consulate To Partner On Arts, Culture And Tourism


The Brazilian Consulate in Nigeria has expressed its willingness and readiness to partner and form a synergy with Ekiti State Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism.

Mr Adeniran Arimoro, Counselor for Culture and Education, Brazilian Consulate made this revelation in Lagos during a discussion with Ambassador Wale Ojo-Lanre, Director-General, Ekiti State Council for Arts and Culture who was on an official visit to the Brazilian Consulate in Lagos

Ambassador Ojo-Lanre pointed out that the Governor of Ekiti, Dr Kayode Fayemi has distinguished Ekiti State as one with a strategic and strong framework to sustain, rejuvenate, develop and brand culture, arts,  education, pristine value and enhance the tourism potentialities of the state for domestic and global patronage.

He revealed that Ekiti State is a paragon of culture and the abode of sacred places of traditional religion deities which are adored, reverence, and referenced in Brazil.

Ambassador Ojo-Lanre revealed that Ogun, the God of Iron, Ifa, Esu, Osun and other deities which have large followers in Brazil have their origin and steads in Ekiti.

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He pointed out that Ekiti state is blessed with an ecotourism enclave where warm and cold water flow side by side without mixing together and also harbours one of the most captivating waterfalls, in Nigeria called Arinta Waterfall in Ipole Iloro- Ekiti

Ambassador Ojo-Lanre pointed out that Ekiti has an indisputable vantage position when it comes to educational strides

Mr Ariomoro in his response declared that the Brazilian consulate is ready and willing to partner with Ekiti State particularly in three major areas, education, arts and culture and tourism.

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He disclosed that Ekiti State had a long-standing and robust relationship with the Consulate before which was not greased in recent years.

Mr Ariomoro expressed his delight that Governor Kayode Fayemi has not only laid a solid foundation and structure for the blossoming and growth of the cultural-tourism economy of the state but also nurturing the fundamentals which the sector needed for sustainability

He revealed that Brazil offers several educational opportunities which Ekiti has benefited before and which are still opened adding that there are records of the brilliant performance of Ekiti state students in the Consulate’s educational activities.

Ambassador Ojo-Lanre who thanked Mr Ariomoro for the warm reception accorded him, assured  that he would deliver his message to the Governor of Ekiti State  Dr Kayode Fayemi and  the State Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Tourism, Prof Rasaki Ojo-Bakare



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