Why Critics Come So Hard On Seyi Makinde – Taiwo Adisa

Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde
Governor Seyi Makinde

The Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, Taiwo Adisa has revealed why critics come so hard on the Governor.

He made the revelation in a post on his Facebook on Tuesday.

The post reads:

GSM…Governor Seyi Makinde. Why do the critics come so hard on him? Why do they spit fire and venom against his person? Nothing to search too far.

He came, he saw the state in a deep hole and he is pulling it out of dungeon.

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He came and made governance simple and real.

He declared Free a Qualitative Education, an impossibility in their dictionary.

He scrapped N3,000 levy they imposed on poor students of public schools.

His critics revelled in that money and used as slush funds for their fancy and their tails.

He uncovered and recovered N1.2bn proceeds of that money from private accounts.

GSM paid grants to all schools at N1k per child and has paid N526 million each for first and 2nd terms of 2019/2020 session so far.

He announced a 4-Point Agenda covering Security, Health, Education and Economy to lift state from poverty to prosperity(P2P).

He cancelled the Moniya-Iseyin road contract they awarded and never intended to execute.

He re-awarded the same to first class contractor with better quality assurance for execution in 12 months.

The improved road contract has a component of street lights on either side.

He seized half of the N2bn they paid that incompetent contractor and ploughed same to the new contract.

They ran him into booby traps to completely derail his government but he has unsettled the trap setters and beaten them to their game.

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He fixed the Adeoyo State Hospital Ring Road, Ibadan in a jiffy after they had grounded the same to promote private business.

They jerked up the state’s salary structure by over N1bn with less than a month to leave office in 2019 but GSM is paying without sweat on 25th- the GSM date.

They awarded bogus road contracts, paid huge sums and left contractors with Mickey mouse displays for eight years.

They wrote the state into servitude with the contract papers that made revocation difficult, even when the job is abandoned.

The free meal is over and the rats and roaches are angry as they cry like the unAfrican child.

They left the entire Agodi Secretariat in ruins and darkness, with directors contributing to fund generators just to do a little work.

Now GSM is fixing the Secretariat.

They left teachers unpaid and reduced pensioners to awaiting death with only 20% pension payable monthly.

Now GSM is paying 100% of pensions on the appointed GSM date.

They reduced gratuities to partisan matter- convert to their party and get paid.

They left multitude of gratuities unpaid from 2010 to 2019, now GSM has cleared up to 2014.

In 96 days, just less than 100 days, GSM paid more pension that dwarfed the amount they ever paid in all of their 96 months.

They sacked more than 2,000 workers on flimsy and unconscionable excuses, leading several workers to drag govt to court.

GSM has recalled many of the victimised workers and reinstated all those who got judgement.

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They cornered and converted for personal use public land and properties including the historical Government House used by Lord Luggard, Obafemi Awolowo and SLA Akintola.

They got hailed by Caterpillar suppliers for being the heaviest buyer of excavators in the country but none of the said excavators is seen a month after they left office.

They got N7.6bn agric loan from CBN and was at the verge of bulkanising the same into private pockets when GSM surfaced and blocked that.

They awarded a kilometre of road for the price of four and left the roads abandoned still. GSM’s govt is still struggling to extricate itself from at least many such contracts.

They put up an unworkable refuse collection programme that encouraged littering of road medians with refuse and even the contractor won’t pay road sweepers for several months.

The did untold damage… even colonialists with allegiance to other continents did better.

It is shameful they still have the guts to raise their voice against a man who is clearing the huge mess they left behind.

They refused to recruit teachers in eight years, despite annual retirement in big numbers.

In eight years, they refused to make furniture for public schools, leaving students to sit on bare floors. …seen the source of their anger? GSM is exposing its legacy of rot.

Yes they ‘ve got to be angry for they love not the poor.

In saner climes, they would have buried their heads better than the ostrich in shame.




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