Nigerian Youths, Wake Up!

Nigerian youths Corps Member

ONE day, GOD will find a man or woman in Nigeria who will establish His will for the good of Nigerians, irrespective of the person’s tribe, (without waiting on a people who are always inspired to action only by what they think a government in power has not done well), as a result, “Forces” are hurriedly launched with the sole aim of hijacking power and leave the problems unsolved – all the time!

This has been the trend in Nigeria since 1960.

The youths are the strength of a nation. It will interest us to know that the recycled leaders of today got into power in their youthful ages, but now, they’ve overstayed, and already wearied and fainting.

Nigerian Youths… Now Is The Time To Be The Pivot Man!

The call for a new generation of leaders who are youthful, intelligent and industrious is now loud into the high heaven!

This is not a religious based argument, but as a Christian, reflecting on the case of Joseph in the Bible, he was youthful, discreet, understanding, proficient, and wise… Genesis 41:33. This description fits many Nigerian youths perfectly!

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Joseph was appointed by a cruel King Pharaoh to become a governor after the economy of Egypt had suffered a chronic distress. (That office in today’s comparison is a presidential assignment). This is what credible Nigerian youths should aim at, not following these “expired leaders.”

Further more, following GOD’s pattern, there came a time for Him to salvage His children in the Israel of old (just like the situation then in Egypt and now in Nigeria), He looked down from His heavenly throne in search of a wilful heart… Then there was a man called Isaiah, who said… “I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then Isaiah said, “I, Here am I; send me.” -Isaiah 6:8.

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Really, we only need a man or woman, who will be a launch pad for formidable developmental activities in Nigeria – GOD can either use me or you for this special assignment, and this is what the Nigerian Youths Forces is set out to do as an embodiment for mobilisation for active participation, appointment and enthronement of credible youths in our political landscape.

Let’s be prepared because the time is now!

*Seyi Gesinde, sent in this piece



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