Sally Mbanefo: Nigeria Goddess Of Tourism | By Wale Ojo-Lanre

Anambra State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Mrs. Sally Mbanefo

Ever Radiant Sally Mbanefo
She is totally humble
A thoroughly well brought up lady
Wonderful and sensible
She is a Barrister-at-Law.

She is a painter.
A police officer by training
A banker
An Ambassador for Cote D’ivoire, Cuba,Israel,Mexico ,South Africa &more
An Administrator par excellence
An International Secretary
She speaks three languages
She is a silver spoon lady
who has not allowed that to rule her sense of reasoning.

Sally is natural
Down to Earth
A workaholic.

She is the only DG of NTDC who successfully toured 30 states in Nigeria within 2 years of her 4 years tenure. She believes in domestic Tourism and dislikes Nigeria wasting money on foreign fairs while the home market has not matured. That was one of her sins as DG.

She prevented Nigeria’s funds from being wasted on frivolous foreign fairs and undeserved estacode.
She reduced the construction of Nigeria’s exhibition Stand at World Travel Markets from N40 million to N2million.

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