I Released ‘Dancia’ To Reduce Economic Recession Pressures On Nigerians —Godiva Jackson

Godiva Jackson
Godiva Jackson

GODIVA Jackson, a known Nollywood Actress, spoke with MAYOWA OKEKALE, ReportersAtLarge Correspondent in Abuja. During the chat, she bared her mind on her lifestyle, career as an artiste and sundry issues.

Could you please introduce yourself?
I am Godiva Jackson. I have a Degree in Linguistics and Communication Studies. I am single. I come from Delta state (Agbor). I am 32 years old, and a Nollywood actress and have featured in series of movies.

In how many number of movies have you featured in?
Yes, I have featured in different Television programmes too, such as ‘Thanks for coming’,  ‘lust in romance’ ‘The sneak River’, ‘3 daughters of Eli’, ‘Ojuelegba’ ‘Igwe nkata’ ‘Golden chance’ and lots more. My very first single was entitled ‘killing me’ and now, I just dropped ‘Dancia’ and the video will be coming out soon. I also have lot of singles to be dropped soon.

How would you describe your life as an actress and singer?
Of course, I will say it is very demanding due to pubic pressure, handling the fame, criticism, and a whole lot. Life of a singer is on the same line but a little bit pleasant, due to the joy of making music and listening afterwards.

You are a very active and busy woman, do you still have time to do things in the home?
Why not? Yes I do. I derive pleasure in cooking. And this is because I am a woman.

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Casting your mind back, do you have regrets?
No regrets. I am contended with the way things are going for me, so far. Though it would have been better if it came smoother, “the end justifies the means” they say.

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Many people say you have a unique sense of fashion. What defines your style?
The issue is this, one needs to dress the way one wants to be addressed. Another thing is, dressing is about being happy and comfortable with your dressing. If it rocks your boat, why not? As for me, I dress according to my mood, the occasion and, of course, my pocket.

Now, let us talk about your work as an actress and singer. How did you get your breakthrough in Nollywood and how has the journey been?
I have always had passion for acting. I have been nursing the dream from my childhood, due to loads of ideas I always develop as a kid. As I grew up, I kept looking for opportunities. I started acting locally in Lagos about 10 years ago. The journey hasn’t particularly been easy but change is constant. It has been growing. Right now, I’m working my new music video, which I entitled Dancia.

Any plans to go into politics?

What does it really take to be a successful actress?
It really takes a lot. This is a very broad topic but, basically, I would say staying real and focused is key. Determination, hard work, devotion, sacrifice, patience also work.

We have heard a lot of talk about sexual harassment or sex for roles. How true is this and have you ever been a victim?
On that, I have no idea as I have not been a part of, or indulged in such. Maybe my luck is working for me. We hear rumours but you know what they say about rumours in Nigeria. I admire Rita Dominic, I must say. I intend planning to break into places that seem to be far fetched.

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What gave you the inspiration of dancia? Or is it because of our economic recession in the country?
So to speak, it is a song of hope. Yes, the economy is not at all favorable right now, so I deemed it fit to give people some reasons to smile through the song.

Finally, can you give words of encouragement to your fans?
To my fans, I would say they must always look up to God first. They must also learn to differentiate right from wrong and recognize that we (celebrities) are humans. When looking up to us, look at our pluses and allow the minuses take care of themselves.



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